Without Thought

A dreamer
A boy
His father’s

Without thought
Run hot


Evil plans
A brother

One son
All now
In chains

(Genesis 37:1-36)

Patricia Burlison


With Trembling

With trembling hand I carry this cup.
Wondering why this task is mine.
Jars of water will not answer.
What’s really needed here is wine.

With trembling heart I face the future.
Wondering why this choice is mine.
Those around me say He blasphemes.
At night I came to ease my mind.

With trembling lips I seek to answer.
Wondering why this peace is mine.
They held stones with which to kill me.
But now they’ve left them all behind.

With trembling voice I let my heart cry.
Wondering why this grief is mine.
If only He had been here sooner.
My brother surely would be fine.

With trembling feet I make this journey.
Wondering why this path is mine.
I was ready to protect Him.
But now I stand here with my lies.

With trembling soul I stand before Him.
Wondering why this gift is mine.
He has taken all my burdens.
Love and forgiveness here I find.

Patricia Burlison

Why Wisdom

It pleased God to honor
The request of the king
Who sought only wisdom,
And the fruit that would bring.

Wisdom to serve.
Wisdom to lead
Wisdom that justice
Would be his decree.

~ ~ ~

We pray now that justice
Will come to our land
From leaders who seek
Wisdom from Your hand.

Wisdom of the mind.
Wisdom of the heart.
Leaning on You, Lord,
Let us do our part.

(I Kings 2-3)

Patricia Burlison

When You Pray

When you pray,
Come in secret.
Let it be
You and Me.

When you pray,
Keep on asking.
Trust in Me.
You will see.

When you pray
In thanksgiving
Give out free
What you receive.

When you pray,
Keep on seeking.
I will meet
Every need.

When you pray,
I will be there.
It will be
You and Me.

(Matthew 6:5 – 7:29)

Patricia Burlison

When Will I Praise?

I’ll praise You when I’m lost in darkness.
I’ll praise You when I’m bound by fear.
For when Your praises fill my being
Darkness lightens; fears subside.

I’ll praise You when my heart is breaking.
I’ll praise You when my dreams are gone.
For when Your praises fill my being
Breaks are mended; hopes renewed.

I’ll praise You when my songs are empty.
I’ll praise You when the music fails.
For when You praises fill my being
Songs are blessings; music, grace.

I’ll praise You when the dance has ended.
I’ll praise You when the world is still.
For when Your praises fill my being
Dancing lifts up; stillness heals.

I’ll praise You when life’s lost it’s reason.
I’ll praise You when hope disappears.
For when Your praises fill my being
Life finds meaning; hope returns.

I’ll praise You when I see Your glory.
I’ll praise You when joy fills my soul.
For when Your praises fill my being
Glory lingers; joy remains.

Patricia Burlison

When It’s Not Enough

Be thankful when
What you have
Is not enough.
Be thankful when
The seas of life
Become too rough.
For what you have
Are blessings still
And He holds you
Within His will.
Be thankful when
The darkness has
Become too deep.
Be thankful when
You’ve no more tears
Left to weep.
For the light will one
Day shine once more,
And hope awaits
In the open door.

There is more in
Life than what we
Often see.
There is more to
Faith than what we
Might believe.
He’s given more
Than we can
Ever know.
His love and mercy
Are a never
Ceasing flow.
His grace is more
Than I can
All that I can
Do is ever
Hold His hand.

Patricia Burlison

When I’m Empty

It’s only when I’m empty
That Your holy power can flow
When I’m no longer in the way
That’s when Your glory grows

It’s only when I’m empty
Your love can flow full force
When I let go the rudder
You keep me on the course

It’s only when I’m empty
That understanding comes
When with worries and confusion
My mind no longer hums

It’s only when I’m empty
(Let bitterness depart)
That’s when You will complete
The healing of my heart

It’s only when I’m empty
That’s when I truly know
How gracious You have been to me
And I yield to You my soul

Patricia Burlison

When He Comes

Will I be praying
On my knees
For my enemies
When He comes

Will I be seeing
Others fed
Sharing my daily bread
When He comes

Will I be hammering
In a nail
Visiting a jail
When He comes

Will I be wiping
Off the tears
Comforting the fears
When He comes

Will I be holding
Up the hopeless
Caring for the helpless
When He comes

Will I be waiting
My heart still
Seeking out His will
When He comes

Will I be lifting
My eyes to Him
Reaching out my hands to Him
When He comes

Will I be hearing
Him say well done
You’ve been living like the Son
When He comes

Patricia Burlison

What is That to You?

I have called one
To this purpose,
Yet another
I send there.
And if their purposes
Are different
What is that to you?

No one person;
No one body;
Is designed to
Do it all.
I have given
Each a passion,
Will you answer
When I call?

Though the mission
Of another
May not be
What you desire
Will you keep your
Eyes on Me?
Let me lead you
With My fire?

Yes, I’ve given
You a vision,
But remember
I’m the giver,
And if I gift them
With another,
What is that to you?

Patricia Burlison

What Is It to You?

What is it to you?
My plan for another?
Do I love you less?
Do I love him more?

Each one has his task.
Each one has her call.
Each journey is different,
And I guide them all.

(John 20)

Patricia Burlison

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