With Trembling

With trembling hand I carry this cup.
Wondering why this task is mine.
Jars of water will not answer.
What’s really needed here is wine.

With trembling heart I face the future.
Wondering why this choice is mine.
Those around me say He blasphemes.
At night I came to ease my mind.

With trembling lips I seek to answer.
Wondering why this peace is mine.
They held stones with which to kill me.
But now they’ve left them all behind.

With trembling voice I let my heart cry.
Wondering why this grief is mine.
If only He had been here sooner.
My brother surely would be fine.

With trembling feet I make this journey.
Wondering why this path is mine.
I was ready to protect Him.
But now I stand here with my lies.

With trembling soul I stand before Him.
Wondering why this gift is mine.
He has taken all my burdens.
Love and forgiveness here I find.

Patricia Burlison


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