When It’s Not Enough

Be thankful when
What you have
Is not enough.
Be thankful when
The seas of life
Become too rough.
For what you have
Are blessings still
And He holds you
Within His will.
Be thankful when
The darkness has
Become too deep.
Be thankful when
You’ve no more tears
Left to weep.
For the light will one
Day shine once more,
And hope awaits
In the open door.

There is more in
Life than what we
Often see.
There is more to
Faith than what we
Might believe.
He’s given more
Than we can
Ever know.
His love and mercy
Are a never
Ceasing flow.
His grace is more
Than I can
All that I can
Do is ever
Hold His hand.

Patricia Burlison


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