What If…

What if . . .
Love ruled in our lives
in our work
in our play
when we vote
when we pray
What if Love
cast the ballot
drove the car
paid the bills
What if Love
swept the floor
filled the cart
fueled the will

What if . . .
Love looked through our eyes
at our neighbors
at the news
across the world
across the pews
What if Love
gave the orders
held the flag
entered the fight
What if Love
built the houses
walked the street
filled the night

What if . . .
Love was all we offered
facing conflict
facing pride
when we’re wrong
when we’re right
What if love
met injustice
freed the captives
brought the cure
What if love
led the leaders
served the servants
touched the poor

What if . . .
Love knelt down beside us
felt our hunger
heard our fears
knew our secrets
held our tears
What if Love
knew no limits
crossed the borders
held the flame
What if Love
told the story
gave the message
called our name

What if . . .
Love broke through the barriers
spread around us
flowed within
met the enemy
shared the friend
What if Love
broke our bodies
broke our hearts
seared our souls
What if Love
dug down deep
found us empty
made us whole

What if Love
was our
What if Love
was our
What if Love
What if Love’s
our chosen

Patricia Burlison


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