I cry for the world today.
A world far away
Is now at our door.
A world that has known
Fear and sorrow so long.
That fear now is ours.
Those tears now are ours.

Fear escalates.
Anger grows.
Words are weapons.
Hearts are broken.

We are right
And they are wrong.
They are right
And we are wrong.

We have helped,
And we have harmed.
Often, both at once.

Let’s search our hearts,
Admit our faults,
And change our hurtful ways.

I pray for the world today.
That we may have hope,
That we may have peace,
That darkness will be overthrown.

I pray that Grace may reign over all.
I pray that Mercy may grow.
And most of all, I pray dear Lord,
That Love will overcome.

Patricia Burlison


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