I think that nature
Is where I find him best
But really
He is everywhere I can look
And there He’ll be
Just waiting for me to see Him
He is always there
He never hides
Sometimes I just don’t take the time
But I know that when I do
He’ll be there
And happy to talk with me
And ready to stay
As long as I have need
And when I stop
He’ll talk to me
Then I must listen
For if I don’t
I might miss something important
And I may lose hope
But as long as I keep him
In my heart and my mind
I’ll strive to please
Do what is right
And listen to His words
With all my might
For He never leaves me
I may ignore Him
But He will gently remind my
And we’ll talk again
And next time
Maybe I won’t forget Him

Patricia Burlison


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