Paper Cuts

Little sorrows tear the heart
Just as big ones do.
Disappointments sinking deep
Though we deny it’s true.

We would hide behind our walls
Pretending all is fine,
Even though in tears we’re drowning
While our cheeks are dry.

Pleasures missed, plans unfulfilled,
Paper cuts on the soul.
Steps not taken, chances lost,
All will take their toll.

If not released into His love
The cost becomes too high.
Our spirits weaken, trampled down,
The light begins to fade.

So take each pain, both big and small,
Place it in His hands;
Cry it out to listening ears,
He will understand.

There is no pain too small for Him.
Nothing will make Him turn.
His acceptance of our need
Is that for which we yearn.

Let nothing keep us from His arms,
Not fear, or shame, or pride.
For while the pain may linger yet,
There’s comfort at His side.

Patricia Burlison


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