One Body

For we are one body.
Fashioned in Your image.
Put together for your glory.
Made to do your will.
Together and apart.

Will we learn to work together?
Will we yield to each other?
Will we seek each others’ burdens?
Forgive each others faults?
Will we give support to one another?
Trust in each other?
Will we let Your Spirit move us,
And perfect us as Your body?

For when we argue without compassion,
When we receive without giving,
When we build our walls around us,
We tear the body down.

Yet one body we’re to be.
Together we’re to work.
A part for each to play.
A prayer for each to say.

Will we reach to one another?
Seek to find You in the other?
Long to stand along each other?
To make the body whole?

For when we work and play together,
When we laugh and sing together,
When we cry in pain together,
Then one body we reveal.

And one body we will be,
With faults and hurts unhidden,
When we choose to become open,
To let you work among us,
To break down our protections,
So that we’re becoming
One body with one Lord.

Patricia Burlison

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