Lost Without You

Even if for many years
I’ve traveled on Your path;
Even if I think I’ve learned
Just how the journey goes;
If I’m not walking with Your breath
Sustaining every step –
I am lost.

Even if my life is spent
In doing works for you;
Even if I lay it all
There beneath Your throne;
If I’m not dwelling in Your presence
Each and every day –
I am lost.

Even if I guard my body
As Your holy place;
Even if I pray with thanks
For the table spread;
If I do not daily dine
On Your holy word –
I am lost.

Lost, to Your abundance;
Lost, to Your peace;
Lost, to Your power;
Lost, to what could be.

So, keep me in Your presence, Lord;
Keep me warm and fed;
Keep me living in Your breath,
As You breathe in me.

Patricia Burlison


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