Lost Treasures

Treasures abandoned; neglected; abused.
So hard to see them when pleasures we choose.
Where’s our compassion for God’s little ones?
What will He say to us, when life is done?

All of their promise is smothered by tears.
All of their joy has been trampled by fears.
No place for laughter, for song or for play;
Only what’s needed to live through the day.

Father Your children are breaking Your heart.
What’s precious to You we’re tearing apart.
Open our eyes, our hearts and our hands;
We’ll be Your mercy in every land.

Where are the children that You hold so dear?
Where are the children, lost far and near?
What are we doing? Oh, what have we done,
To help or to harm Your little ones.

Break my heart open Lord. Grace me with pain.
Show me the treasures that I can reclaim.
Not just this moment but all of my days,
May Your love live through me in all my ways.

Patricia Burlison

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