Laughter of God

Dancing with the dolphins
Delighting in my Lord
Joy builds up and overflows
Surrounded by His love

Soaring with the eagles
Following His way
As He sends His winds to lift
And bring me down again

Swimming with the trumpet fish
Unique in His design
Daring to trust His plan for me
And in a future in His light

Gliding with the turtle
Taking time to wait
Knowing that there’s time enough
For God to work His will

Squinting with the rhinoceros
Can’t see too far ahead
Forgetting also what is past
I look to Him instead

Scuttling with the sand crab
Across the sands of life
Seeking safety from the oceans waves
In the home of His embrace

Creation rings loudly round
With the laughter of our God
His delight in His creation
The joy of His full love

Each of us was crafted
With skill and with design
To bring glory to the Lord of all
And praise Him without end.

Patricia Burlison


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