Stone by stone
What are we building
A temple of unity
Or walls that divide

Brick by brick
What are we making
A place to stand
Or a place to fail

Cell by cell
What are we forming
A body strong
Or one that fails

One by one
Let us be joining
One with another
Holding up all

Patricia Burlison


Your Name Is Called

Child of God,
Do you hear your name?
Do you hear the call?

Child of God,
Will you listen and wait?
Will you give your all?

Child of God,
Are you ready to move?
Are you ready to pray?

Child of God,
Will you hear the truth?
Will it be truth you say?

Child of God,
I am ready to bless,
Are you ready to live?

Child of God,
Are you willing to rest
In what I give?

(1 Samuel 1-3)

Patricia Burlison

Your Turn, Joshua

Into your hands
I place My people;
I place the land
You will possess.

Hold to My way
Stand strong in Me
Stand strong in your faith;
You will succeed.

Patricia Burlison

You Belong

You belong,
In His arms.
You belong,
In His love.
You belong,
In His grace.
You belong,
In His hands.

You belong,
To the Lord who died.
You belong,
To the God who cries.
You belong,
To the Prince of Peace.
You belong,
To the comforting King.

Won’t you come to Him?
Won’t you dance with Him?
Won’t you cry with Him?
Won’t you lean on Him?

He’s waiting,
For you, His beloved.
He’s waiting,
For you, His joy.
He’s waiting,
For you, His treasure.
He’s waiting,
For you, His child.

You belong.

Patricia Burlison

Writtten & Sung

Music, dance, instrument, voice.
Written, spoken, drawn, sung.
Sharing knowledge,
Sharing fun.
Powerful each, standing alone;
Stronger still when interweaved.
One may follow,
Another leads.
Look and listen; read and hear;
Move and learn; create and teach.
Growing wisdom
Depends on each.

Patricia Burlison

Work of Art

I’m a portrait You’re painting,
With strokes quick and bold,
Then with a delicate touch
You add light and shadow.

I’m a story You’re writing,
With secrets untold.
You’ll reveal in Your time
What You want known.

I’m a vessel You’re casting
With touches of gold,
And You time my spinning
Never too fast or slow.

I’m a dance You are shaping,
With moves new and old.
Your music sustains me
With rhythm and flow.

The art of Your presence
Enriches my soul,
And all of my being
Shouts praise here below.

Patricia Burlison

Without Thought

A dreamer
A boy
His father’s

Without thought
Run hot


Evil plans
A brother

One son
All now
In chains

(Genesis 37:1-36)

Patricia Burlison

With Trembling

With trembling hand I carry this cup.
Wondering why this task is mine.
Jars of water will not answer.
What’s really needed here is wine.

With trembling heart I face the future.
Wondering why this choice is mine.
Those around me say He blasphemes.
At night I came to ease my mind.

With trembling lips I seek to answer.
Wondering why this peace is mine.
They held stones with which to kill me.
But now they’ve left them all behind.

With trembling voice I let my heart cry.
Wondering why this grief is mine.
If only He had been here sooner.
My brother surely would be fine.

With trembling feet I make this journey.
Wondering why this path is mine.
I was ready to protect Him.
But now I stand here with my lies.

With trembling soul I stand before Him.
Wondering why this gift is mine.
He has taken all my burdens.
Love and forgiveness here I find.

Patricia Burlison

Why Wisdom

It pleased God to honor
The request of the king
Who sought only wisdom,
And the fruit that would bring.

Wisdom to serve.
Wisdom to lead
Wisdom that justice
Would be his decree.

~ ~ ~

We pray now that justice
Will come to our land
From leaders who seek
Wisdom from Your hand.

Wisdom of the mind.
Wisdom of the heart.
Leaning on You, Lord,
Let us do our part.

(I Kings 2-3)

Patricia Burlison

When You Pray

When you pray,
Come in secret.
Let it be
You and Me.

When you pray,
Keep on asking.
Trust in Me.
You will see.

When you pray
In thanksgiving
Give out free
What you receive.

When you pray,
Keep on seeking.
I will meet
Every need.

When you pray,
I will be there.
It will be
You and Me.

(Matthew 6:5 – 7:29)

Patricia Burlison

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