It’s Dark Inside

Your light’s already seen
The dark inside of me.
You love me just the same;
There’s nothing that you gain;
But the joy a Father knows
When love, returning flows.

My soul is deeply stained.
Your love, it bears the pain;
Calling me back home,
No matter where I roam.
Drowning in sin’s depth
I hear the tears You wept.

My heart is torn in two
Between my way, and You.
There is no other truth.
I know that I must choose
To live within Your will
Or follow death’s path still.

It’s hard to do what’s right.
It’s hard to face the light.
To see my shame exposed;
Acknowledge what You know;
The good inside of me
Is there by Your decree.

That spark of light; of love,
You’ve nursed it from above.
In spite of all I’ve done
The darkness has not won.
You bring me to my knees.
It’s you I seek to please.

Patricia Burlison

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