His Hands

His hands once washed His people’s feet,
Touched the leper’s sores.
His hands were pierced for me and you.
Be the hands of Jesus.

His words turned custom upside down,
Gave the wounded hope.
His words spoke clearly of God’s love.
Be the words of Jesus.

His eyes saw through religious masks,
Looked to the heart within.
His eyes were lifted to the throne.
Be the eyes of Jesus.

His voice rebuked the stormy seas,
Drew the children near.
His voice proclaimed, “You are forgiven.”
Be the voice of Jesus.

His heart grieved fiercely for the lost,
Fought to bring them home.
His heart was broken for our sins.
Be the heart of Jesus.

His love transformed the lives He touched,
Flowed from God above.
His love refused to fit the mold.
Be the love of Jesus.

Patricia Burlison

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