Hey, Matthew!

Yes, you!
Follow me.
Yes, I know who you are.
Yes, I know what you’ve done.
Follow me.
You’re a cheater.
You’re a thief.
You’re despised.
Come, follow me.
I’ve seen you sitting there
Taking more than what is owed.
I have seen your greedy hands,
But I want to make them mine.
You and I both know
What is in your heart
And still I call you now,
Come, follow me.
Follow me.

Follow me.
I answered without thought.
Left my table.
Left my job.
Only later did I stop
And wonder what I’d done.
Such an unexpected call,
But I answered right away.
I did not hesitate.
Did not think about my past.
Did not wonder why I went.
Once I heard Him call my name
Life would never be the same.
He saw something deep in me.
Something others did not see.
He sparked a hope,
A dream within,
That even though
He looked inside,
Even though
I could not hide,
I was welcome
By His side.

(Matthew 9:9)

Patricia Burlison


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