I am not guilty.
I am trusting in Him.
The work is not mine.
It is His to complete.

Even choosing to obey
Is a gift of His grace.
An offering on my part.
Acceptable to Him.

I cannot repay Him.
I won’t even try.
For it’s His work alone
that’s brought me to life.

I trust in His grace
For He has given to me
The faith to believe
and by this be set free.

Free to obey
And free to choose
A faith to bring glory
To Him whom I serve.

Free to give honor.
Free to give thanks.
Free to love mercy.
Free to abide.

Abide in His presence.
Abide in His love.
For there I will find
That I’m welcome and cherished
and strengthened and healed.

And then when He’s ready
He’ll place in my hands
The power to touch others
And lead them towards faith.

A faith that is living
and strong to uphold.
For it’s given by God
through His grace alone.

Patricia Burlison


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