Eternity is In Our Hearts

I’ve been looking at the record
Of the good things I have done
I’ve been gazing rather fondly
At the prizes I have won
I’ve been hoping that it’s worth it
That this offering is enough
To get me in through heaven’s doors
The alternative’s too rough

I’ve been looking at the journey
At the multitude of paths
I’ve allowed my life to follow
Thinking each would be the last
It is said the ways are many
Leading to eternal life
But lately I’ve been wondering
‘Cause that seems to bring more strife

Life’s been a mountain hard to climb
But I thought I had it planned
That what I’d need when my time came
Would be held within my hand
But now I find that’s not the case
And I turn and shed a tear
It seems I’ve turned the wrong way ‘round
And I can’t get there from here

It seems I’ve missed the point of life
While chasing a fantasy
And now it’s time to stop and turn,
To revise what I believe.
To gain the height where the Lord dwells
Is the mark where I now aim.
So I stand within His promises
In the glory of His name.

We were made to last forever
Our life here is not the end
This is just the dress rehearsal
There’s much more beyond the bend
The Lord knew us before all time
He determined all our parts
And God created us to hold
Eternity in our hearts

I now long with all that’s in me
To hold on to one pure goal
To live within His purposes
And thus satisfy my soul.
I want to see the here and now
In the light of what’s in store
When this short act is done at last
And I stand before my Lord.

Patricia Burlison

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