Daddy’s Love

Do you see the way his eyes light,
When he lifts his darling child?
Do you see his body smiling,
When he holds her in his arms?
Do you see the love that’s shining,
When daddy holds his baby girl?

See the child that watches with longing,
Wanting to feel a father’s arms.
Bring her in, help her find Him,
Help her know how much He loves her.

Do you see the joy that dances,
When his baby runs to him?
Do you see how he’s delighting,
When his boy gives him a hug?
Do you see the depth of feeling,
When daddy’s boy returns his love?

See the child who stands so lonely,
Lost without a father’s love.
Let him know the Father sees him,
Watches with a ceaseless love.

Bring the children of all ages
To Him whose love shines without dimming
As he holds each precious child.
As he holds you, precious child.

Patricia Burlison

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