It’s Dark Inside

Your light’s already seen
The dark inside of me.
You love me just the same;
There’s nothing that you gain;
But the joy a Father knows
When love, returning flows.

My soul is deeply stained.
Your love, it bears the pain;
Calling me back home,
No matter where I roam.
Drowning in sin’s depth
I hear the tears You wept.

My heart is torn in two
Between my way, and You.
There is no other truth.
I know that I must choose
To live within Your will
Or follow death’s path still.

It’s hard to do what’s right.
It’s hard to face the light.
To see my shame exposed;
Acknowledge what You know;
The good inside of me
Is there by Your decree.

That spark of light; of love,
You’ve nursed it from above.
In spite of all I’ve done
The darkness has not won.
You bring me to my knees.
It’s you I seek to please.

Patricia Burlison


Is It Jesus?

Is it Jesus you want?
The teacher
The friend
Is it Jesus you want?
The beginning
The end
Is it Jesus you want?
Or only the bread

Is it Jesus you seek?
As Savior
As Lord
Is it Jesus you seek?
To love
And adore
Is it Jesus you seek?
Or only the bread

Is it Jesus you long for?
His presence
His will
Is it Jesus you long for?
Your spirit
To fill
Is it Jesus you long for?
Or only the bread

Patricia Burlison


It takes a vision
Outside of the box.
It takes a passion
Stronger than locks.

A vision that holds;
A passion that thrives,
In spite of the trials;
In spite of the lies.

Strong for the journey.
Willing to yield
Dreams you once dreamed
For what God reveals.

Reach past your comforts.
Go beyond doubts.
Make changes that turn
The world inside out.

Patricia Burlison

Inside and Out

Tongue, be silent.
Do not speak.
What bursts forth
Is what you reap.

Words of anger.
Words of spite.
Poison like
A vipers’ bite.

Words of mercy.
Words of grace.
A peaceful,
Quiet resting place.

Words go both ways;
Out and in.
What you gain
Is what you spin.

(Proverbs 16-18)

Patricia Burlison


love without sacrifice
sacrifice without power
power without grace
grace without justice

justice without mercy
mercy without strength
strength without compassion
compassion without deeds

deeds without humility
humility without thanksgiving
thanksgiving without purpose
purpose without praise

praise without wisdom
wisdom without hope
hope without commitment
commitment without life

life without worship
worship without heart
heart without faith
faith without love


Patricia Burlison

In Your Hands

You, Lord, take me in Your hands.
You, Lord, choose me for Your own.
You, Lord, lift me from my night.
You, Lord, make for me a home.

You, Lord, bless me in Your hands.
You, Lord, gift me with Your grace.
You, Lord, raise me to His sight.
You, Lord, bring me to His face.

You, Lord, break me with Your hands.
You, Lord, hold me in Your grasp.
You, Lord, protect me with Your might.
You, Lord, fit me for Your task.

You, Lord, use me in Your hands.
You, Lord, place me where You will.
You, Lord, set me to shine Your light.
You, Lord, help me to be still.

Lord, take me.
Lord, bless me.
Lord, break me.
Lord, use me.

(Matthew 14:19)

Patricia Burlison

In the Strength of the Lord

In the strength
Of the Lord
I will go
I will fight

With the gifts
That He gives
I will win
With His might

With a sling
And a stone
I go forth
With my Lord

A Giant
With armor
And Sword

The Lord will
Go with me
And before

This battle
Is His
As all
Battles are

(1 Samuel 16-18)

Patricia Burlison

In the Past

They say that God did miracles
When He brought us to this land
But in my time I’ve never seen
Even a glimpse of His mighty hand
Why should I serve this absent God
Or obey His stern commands?

(Judges 2-3)

Patricia Burlison

In the Evening Solitude

They were silent as they flew
towards me
over me
no calling
no singing
each stroke of their wings almost silent
dark outlines
against the fading sky
the sharp angles of their wings
clear as they move closer
not bending
over the roof
around the side
black lines becoming white curves
they pass
never before so close

Patricia Burlison

In the Deepest Night

The stars that shine in the deepest night
Are the stars that hold the richest light,
And the beacon on the storm-filled sea
Is the guide with the greatest gift of peace.

The bell that rings when you’re far from home
Is the one that sounds with the sweetest tone,
And the whisper that calls when you’ve lost your way
Becomes the voice of strength for each new day.

The hand outstretched when all hope is gone
Is a friend to show you the face of dawn.
And the love that holds through the hardest ways,
Is the grace of God given for your days.

The gift that comes when you’re all alone
Is the Father’s touch saying you’re His own,
And the praise that comes from a wounded soul
Is the song that dreams of a heart made whole.

I will trust in Him who holds the star.
I will trust in Him who knows my heart.
I will trust Him.

Patricia Burlison

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