Where Is Our Love?

How can we praise You,
While we will not love?
How can we climb higher,
While hatred drags us down?

How true is our worship,
While anger clouds our hearts?
How can we hear Your voice,
While vengeance thunders loud?

How can we serve You,
While we will not serve another?
How can we know Your love,
While we refuse to share?

Patricia Burlison


An Enemy Called

Ready to fight.
Ready to defend.
This mob coming towards me,
Rabbi at its head.

And Jesus…
Took the sword from my hand.

He looked,
And He saw,
Not the outside,
But my soul.

All my defenses
Crumbled at His words,
And I followed,
And I found,
Healing for my wounds.


Oh Jesus, You took
The sword from his hand.
Oh, Jesus, please take
The swords out of mine.

Patricia Burlison