What a Wonder

What a wonder, baby boy.
You will be your mother’s joy.
Such a tiny gift you are.
You shine for me, a precious star.
God has blessed me and I sing.
He has told me you’re our king.
I know not how this came to be.
I’m in awe that He chose me.

Such perfection in my hand.
I don’t claim to understand
How His purposes work out.
I will trust Him when I doubt.
I accept the gifts He gives.
I submit my will to His.
And when He lays His call on you,
What He asks is what you’ll do.

My heart is full my little one.
Heaven’s gift, my own son.
Many wonders I have seen.
I’m not sure what they all mean
But I’ll hold them in my heart,
Treasures for when life grows dark.
God will reveal His plan in time,
But for now, you’re simply mine.


Patricia Burlison


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