Eternal Words

Across the skies the stars stood guard
And one obeyed a whispered word.
It was to shine a special light.
Serve as a sign.Serve as a guide.

Across the earth the angels watched.
One was given a calming word.
Fear Not! would be the theme proclaimed
That would speak of peace,
That would speak of hope.

Across the fields the shepherds lived.
The ones to hear the angel’s word.
And they would hurry to this babe.
They  would come to see.
They would come believe.

Across all time creation stilled
And One was born the living Word.
His hands would hold eternal life.
He will be our price.
He will be our King.

Across our hearts the wind still blows
Bearing the everlasting Word.
It seeks to saturate our lives,
Guard us on our way,
Guard us through each day.

Across the years I’ll learn to seek
The richness found inside His Word
And plant it firmly in my soul.
This is how I’ll grow.
This is how I’ll live.


Patricia Burlison


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