Where Will You Stand?

Will you stand
With the accusers
Or stand with
The Defender?
Will you stand
With the condemner
Or stand
With He who forgives?
Will you stand
With one
Who hates us?
Or will you stand
With One who
Loves us?
Think what you do.
Think what you say.
With whom do you side?
With whom do you pray?

Patricia Burlison


Prodigals and Older Brothers

Were you a prodigal
Lost and alone
Come to your senses
Returning home?
Are you now judging
The sins of another
Are you becoming
The older brother?

Patricia Burlison

God is in This Place

In exile
In darkness
Grace descends

All unseen
All unknown
Love descends

Be still
Feel the Wind

His presence
Even here

Patricia Burlison