What is That to You

I have called one
To this purpose,
Yet another
I send there.
And if their purposes
Are different,
What is that to you?

No one person;
No one body;
Is designed
To do it all.
I have given
Each a passion,
Will you answer
When I call?

Though the mission
Of another
May not be
What you desire,
Will you keep your
Eyes on Me?
Let me lead you
With My fire?

Yes, I’ve given
You a vision,
But remember
I’m the giver,
And if I gift them
With another,
What is that to you?

Patricia Burlison



I see them
I hear them
I cringe inside

I want to speak
I want to cry
I want to run away

So much pain
Inside the words
So much pain
Behind the words

Labels, boxes
Mine and yours
Define us
Divide us

Don’t you get it?!
Don’t you understand?!

We’re destroying
With the words
We use

       Can’t we choose to

Patricia Burlison


In the space
Where God is found
Questions dance
Answers sound
In our hearts
In our minds
Where in Him
Our life we find

In the space
Where grace exists
We face the truth
Our flaws we lift
Into the light
Of love’s design
And your tears
Become mine

In the space
Where worship lives
Truth meets lies
And something gives
Hearts are broken
Spirits healed
In His presence
Now we kneel

Space for failure
In His hand
He will hold
When I can’t stand
When I’ve reached
My strengths end
He will touch
He will win

Patricia Burlison