When You Pray

(part of my E100 poem series)

Matthew 6:5-7:29

When You pray,
Come in secret.
Let it be
You and Me.

When you pray,
Keep on asking.
Trust in Me.
You will see.

When you pray
In thanksgiving
Give out free
What you receive

When you pray,
Keep on seeking.
I will meet
Every need.

When you pray,
I will be there.
It will be
You and Me.

Patricia Burlison


As Many As the Stars

I stand alone
Still staring at the sky
As many as the stars
So said Adonai

I’m just one old man
Without any child
Yet I do believe
His promises so wild

I believe
He’ll make of me
A people
Strong and free

A nation
Strong and bold
Will prove
His covenants hold

I stand here
In the night
Still wondering
At the sight

(Genesis 15:1-21)

Patricia Burlison


Have you let God
Drop on your life
Have you let His glory
On you lie?

To shake you up?
Turn you around?
Change your ways?
Bring you down?

Are you still the same
As you’ve always been?
Or does His breath
Stir deep within?

Will you turn away
When His glory falls?
Or will you bow
When your name He calls?


Patricia Burlison