A Bruised Reed

Cradled in His hands
A bruised reed,
Trampled down,
Pushed aside,
Fears not.

Cradled by His hands
A smoldering wick,
Bettered down,
Set aside,
Fears not.

For He is safety.
He is peace.
He is mercy.
He is rest.

(Isaiah 42:2-3 / Matthew 12:20)

Patricia Burlison


A Breath, A Word

You spoke
You breathed
A world
Came to be

A whisper
A stir
All came from
A word

And light
Stars shining
At night

And seas
And I on
My knees

Love and
My creator
And Lord

Patricia Burlison

A Better Story

From the Hand of God
Comes the King of Glory
Into our darkest night
To tell His Own Story

From the Hand of God
Comes the King of Kings
That from our deepest sorrows
We would learn to sing

From the Hand of God
Comes the Prince of Peace
And when we cease our striving
His Mercies He will teach

From the Hand of God
Comes His Only Son
To show us in our battles
His Victory is Won

From the Hand of God
Comes the Lord of Love
That here below we’ll also see
The Father Up Above

From the Hand of God
Comes Creation’s Word
He’ll boldly share His Message
‘Til all the earth has heard

From the Hand of God
Comes a Little Child
And when He’s given up His Life
He’ll tame our souls gone wild

Patricia Burlison

Stay Connected

Stay connected
Keep in tune
One with another
One in Him

Letting go
That which hinders
That which keeps us
Locked in sin

Open wide your
Hearts to Jesus
Open to the
Spirit’s truth

Leaning always
On the Father
Leaning on Him
Be renewed

Stay connected
With the Body
Stay connected
With your God

Patricia Burlison


Why are we called?
Why are we His?
Why are we saved?
Why are we set free?

Is it just for our sin?
Is it just for ourselves?
Is it just to receive?
Is it just so all will be well?

Come, with your eyes see.
Come, with your ears hear.
Come, with your mind know.
Come, with your heart serve.

We’re called to bring peace.
We’re His to give praise.
We’re saved for His glory.
We’re free to share grace.

Patricia Burlison

Angels Wait

Angels wait
At the altar
For our souls
To yield it all

Angels wait
At the throne
For our hearts
To find their home

Angels wait
To rejoice
When we bring
The Father joy

Angels wait
On the Lord
To send them forth
With one word

Angels wait
So must we
In Your arms
On our knees

Patricia Burlison

Breaking Bread

A family together
Breaking bread
Sharing bread
Young and old
Pass it round
Everyone has
Everyone shares
It’s a meal
It’s life
It’s joy
It’s death
Hands in love
Break the bread
Hands in love
Take the bread
Eat and live