On the Front Line

On the front line
Of the Kingdom of God
Under His banner
Proclaiming His love
With our words
With our deeds
On our feet
On our knees
Our hands and our hearts
Our minds and our lives
Wholly devoted
To sharing His light
On the darkness within
And the darkness without
Bringing wholeness and healing
To a world full of doubt
On the front line
I yield all that I am
To be all His own
Held close in His hand

Patricia Burlison

I wrote this during Pastor Dan’s message yesterday morning. His message was based on the scripture passage Romans 12: 1-2. “therefore, I urge you brothers, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to Him – this is your spiritual (reasonable) act 0f w0rship. Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is – His good, pleasing and perfect will.” At the beginning of his message he used the phrase “on the front line” and it stuck. 🙂


Salome – Behind the Scenes

I never expected
To be named
I never expected
To receive fame

I only desired
To see to His needs
I only desired
To comfort and feed

To see Him rest easy
At the end of the day
To serve Him and listen
To what He would say

And then I would settle
And ponder these things
And with wonder consider
What the new day would bring

Patricia Burlison

Ruth’s Answer

I will go.
I will live.
I will help.
I will follow.

I will work.
I will share.
I will learn.
I will grow.

I will worship.
I will serve.
I will answer.
I will love.

Patricia Burlison

Rahab – A Woman of Faith

One in a city
One in a crowd
Saw through the lies
Saw through the cloud
Of panic and pride
That sealed the gates tight
Saw with a true faith
Saw with a true light
Knew that her ways
And her people were lost
Made her decision
And counted the cost

Patricia Burlison

Hannah’s Surrender

I surrender my life
Into Your hands
I surrender my dreams
Up to Your hands

All my distress
I commit to Your will
All I desire
I commit to You still

Patricia Burlison

Esther – The Power of Prayer

Before I go
Before my king
I will go
Before my King.

Pray for me,
I will pray as well,
And wait for what
The Lord will tell.

Patricia Burlison

Come, Deborah

Come, My daughter, sing for Me.
Sing and let My people see
How I work to set them free.

Sing a song of mighty deeds
Done by those whom some deem week
That it will be My face they seek.

Sing how loving Me is strength.
Come My daughter, sing for Me.
Sing, and praise My victory.

(Judges 4-5)

Patricia Burlison

Anna – A Life of Worship

This is my life
To worship You
To give to You
All I am

Your presence I seek
With all that I have
And to You I will bring
All those who ask

Patricia Burlison

Elizabeth – In His Time

(I also wrote a poem for each of the small groups we had. Six new ones, and two I had written previously)

In His time
He gifted me
In His time
For all to see

An angel’s voice
A silent tongue
Both proclaimed
The time had come

And I who lived
In long disgrace
Now am favored
By His grace

Patricia Burlison

Abraham – Friend of God

(This was the theme poem for our Women’s Retreat.)

A lifetime; a journey
Of trials and errors;
Of triumphs and joys;
Of tears and of prayers.

Sometimes I listened;
Sometimes I believed;
Sometimes I proved faithless;
Sometimes I deceived.

Yet always I turned
And sought my Lord’s face,
And I always received
An abundance of grace.

My life is my worship,
Beginning to end,
To God, my Redeemer,
My Maker, my Friend.

Patricia Burlison

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