The Wonder of a Penny

The wonder of a raindrop
Falling from the sky
Splashing in a puddle
Captured in my hand

The wonder of a penny
Shining in the sun
Waiting for a hand
To pick it up with joy

The wonder of a child’s joy
A simple smile or laugh
That shares the treasure found
Infecting all around

The wonder of God’s handwork
Uncounted through the day
The wonder of each person
Planted in our path

The wonder of forgiveness
Given and received
Your wonders in our lives
Lord give us grace to see

Patricia Burlison

This was written during a message given by Nancy Beach at the HIM Honolulu 2010 Conference.


1 Comment

  1. May 1, 2010 at 7:37 am

    This is a beautiful poem; you’ve captured little moments of wonder in such an eloquently simple way, love it! I just started a blog on word press with that exact goal in mind, feel free to give it a look. Hope to read more of your poetry soon!

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