The Father’s Kiss

I thought I was alone
Though others were around
I thought all hope was gone
That in my sin I’d drown
I thought there was no love
That I had lost in all

Then He kissed me
And He blessed me
And He loved me

I thought I didn’t care
That what I’d done was done
I thought I’d never share
Myself with anyone
I thought I didn’t dare
Step out into the sun

I didn’t know…

His love could reach to me
I didn’t know
His love could cover me
I didn’t know
That all I could do was…


Just receive…

When He kisses me
When He blesses me
When He loves me

Patricia Burlison

This was written as a reflection on a story in today’s Easter message.


A Place for Me

He wants me
He wants me with Him
He wants me near Him

He welcomes me
Welcomes me to His home
Welcomes me with His love

He seeks me
He seeks my heart
He seeks my delight

He longs for me
He longs for my presence
He longs for my joy

He prepares for me
He prepares a place for me
A place made just for me

He will come
He will come for me
He will come and take me home

Patricia Burlison

This is my reflection on the message given at church on March 21, 2010 based on John 14:2-3 “In My Father’s house are many rooms; if it were not so, I would have told you. I am going to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you may be where I am.”

The Wonder of a Penny

The wonder of a raindrop
Falling from the sky
Splashing in a puddle
Captured in my hand

The wonder of a penny
Shining in the sun
Waiting for a hand
To pick it up with joy

The wonder of a child’s joy
A simple smile or laugh
That shares the treasure found
Infecting all around

The wonder of God’s handwork
Uncounted through the day
The wonder of each person
Planted in our path

The wonder of forgiveness
Given and received
Your wonders in our lives
Lord give us grace to see

Patricia Burlison

This was written during a message given by Nancy Beach at the HIM Honolulu 2010 Conference.

With a Joyful Heart

Dance and laugh and sing

When your gifts you bring

Come before your King

Making heaven ring

With your joy in Him

As you join with Him

In His purposes

Revealing Him

And His heart of love

From His throne above

To us here below

Lord, Your glory show

Patricia Burlison

Pastor John Jenkins was our guest at church on this morning (Feb 28) and this poem is a reflection of his message.

New poems

I’ve never been so slow to get completed poems sent out. Here come the four I’ve written since the end of February. I’m pretty sure I’ve deciphered my handwriting accurately. 🙂