The Lamp and the Light

In my darkness
The lamp glimmers.
A circle of light
Surrounded by night.
I hold it up
And it blinds me.
I take a step
And I stumble.
What’s behind
Is as dark
As the path
Hid before me,
Surrounded, oppressed
By what I can’t see.
I lower my lamp
To my feet
And I see
Where my next
Step should be.


I see Your day.
I know Your Presence.
I delight
In Your light
Revealing to me
More of You.
I can see
The path behind me,
Showing me
How far I’ve come.
I can see
The path before me,
See the journey
Yet to come.


Where Your light leads,
I will follow.
Where Your lamp shines,
I will go.
I will walk my journey,
In Your presence
Night or day.

Patricia Burlison

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. Psalm 119:105


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